Professional mentoring is an extremely valuable, but often overlooked, component of career development. One of the keys to long-term career success is having a professional relationship with a knowledgeable, respected and highly successful business executive, who is willing to share his or her time, energy, and expert guidance with another professional.

Our coaching program is designed for students with an American education who want to get their first job in the U.S. We will show you how to overcome cultural barriers and present yourself with confidence and professionalism.

The program includes one-on-one coaching with professional mentors to help you create a customized action plan, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and practice your interviewing skills.We recognize the value of mentoring and work with American Educated International Professionals to establish a baseline for successful mentoring relationships, as well as progressive, first-hand direction and guidance.

Members joining make a commitment to continue their mentor membership for a three-month period. This is not contractual, but the organization is currently looking to collaborate only with candidates who have intention of staying at least three months and does not plan to quit less than 90 days after joining." The reason is our time investment in new members and our low fees for membership. This business model has both a short and long-term benefit to members that is not designed for immediate success even though results from joining can occur much sooner than expected. Time at the initial stages of membership that support a new member can only be recovered by member tenure of at least 3 months. Early termination can only be accepted in in cases of personal emergency.

Our success is based on your success.


What You Get

Mentoring - Assignment to a professional mentor(s) and weekly one-on-one coaching

Assessment - A personalized skills assessment to identify your unique strengths

Action Plan - A customized plan that will show you what you need to do to meet your goals and teach you how to be more confident in the job market

Resume - A resume critique that will teach you how to write a stand-out resume that will get you more interviews

Elevator Pitch - Creation of a personalized “elevator” pitch to sell yourself in networking and interviews

Networking - Training and a plan for how to build and cultivate a professional network to find hidden job opportunities

Interview Skills - Training on how to research and prepare for an interview

Mock Interview - Mock interview sessions with a mentor to develop more confidence in every situation

Communication - Training for how to overcome communication and cultural obstacles with confidence and ease.