Our Goal is to Get You U.S. Business Experience


American Educated International Professionals (AEIP), formerly American Educated Asian Women (AEAW), is a nonprofit organization that assists International graduate students to improve their business networks, develop skills in finding internships/jobs and identify opportunities to work in the U.S. that complement their U.S.-based education and provides a career path towards their goals. 

The program includes mentorships with experienced business executives and confidential peer advisory group sessions with other international students, led by group leaders and C-level presenters who share their businesses and professional career paths.


We Offer the Following Services to Help You Succeed:

Mentoring Program

Get assistance with your job search and career development with practical advice, guidance, and leadership from our mentors.

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Peer Advising Sessions

Experienced business professionals volunteer to serve as group leaders to students and recent graduates.

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