Self Development

  • Identify Strengths through SF 2.0 by Tom Rath
  • Assessment of skills and experience to identify suitable internship/job opportunities –What do you do best?  Where are your skills and experience transferable to a job opening?
  • Resume review and preparation of Objective (possible use of multiple Objectives) that identifies what situations you seek to find employment.  Don’t list activities without reference to what you accomplished or the results of what you did in prior jobs
  • Development and rehearsal of Elevator Speech when asked “Tell me about yourself?”
  • Develop confidence at knowing yourself and delivering an interesting summary of your qualifications for various positions when interviewing.  Try to make yourself memorable.
  • Mock interviews


  • Remember it is “Who knows you?” not “Who you know?” that makes a difference.  Many positions never get posted because they are filled through executive networks
  • Development of network including use of my network for contacts and informational interviews.  Warm introductions make a big difference when looking to interview at companies, applying for positions online often produce little success

Navigating Work Etiquette 

  • When you get your first internship/job in the U.S., it is just the beginning of your career development.  How do you relate to your peers, managers, etc. makes a big difference in your success at a new position?  Try to become “likeable”.
  • How to manage career and interface with your boss and colleagues—become likable and where possible become indispensable.
  • Performance appraisals and preparation for period performance reviews.  Learn how to ask questions and be the best at what you are responsible.

Self Discovery

  • How to effect long-term change and achieve goals.  Where are you now, where do you want to go, milestones for achieving your 2-4 year goal so you can check your progress along the way.
  •  Use of peer advisory sessions to get feedback from both your peers and professional facilitators who may have already addressed or thought about the issues/opportunities that you face.
  • Hear amazing professionals speak on their career paths, understand what they look for in hiring employees and learning how they overcame obstacles they personally faced on the way.
  • Find ways to pursue your passion in jobs that utilize your skills, experience and where you are happy doing the work.