We are a nonprofit, and like all such organizations, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses to support our mission – helping Asian graduate students from U.S. universities complement their education with the skills needed to build professional networks and to stand out in job interviews. Almost all of our support is currently generated from students, but our ultimate goal is to develop corporate sponsors and donors to lessen the burden on AEAW members.

A generous donation of $1,000 will support a student who is financially unable to participate in our program with seven months of membership and potentially an internship she would not otherwise procure. Stay in touch with our students as they send you thank you notes or letters of their achievements after they start their employment.

Make a difference in the lives of these ambitious, hard-working graduates. Please make a tax-deductible donation to help American Educated Asian Women find work in the U.S and improve their careers as businesswomen.

American Educated Asian Women

(AEAW) is a nonprofit organization that assists Asian graduate students from U.S. universities improve their business networks, develop skills in finding internships/jobs and identify opportunities to work in the U.S. that complement their U.S.-based education.

The program includes mentorships with experienced business executives and confidential peer advisory group sessions with other Asian women, led by group leaders and C-level presenters who share their businesses and professional career paths with its members.

Coming in January 2016, AEAW will offer a scholarship program.