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American Educated International Professionals (AEIP), formerly American Educated Asian Women (AEAW), is a nonprofit organization that assists International graduate students to improve their business networks, develop skills in finding internships/jobs and identify opportunities to work in the U.S. that complement their U.S.-based education and provides a career path towards their goals. 

The program includes mentorships with experienced business executives and confidential peer advisory group sessions with other international students, led by group leaders and C-level presenters who share their businesses and professional career paths.


We Offer the Following Services to Help You Succeed:


Mentoring Program

Get assistance with your job search and career development with practical advice, guidance, and leadership from our mentors.

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AEIP Will Help You Succeed


AEIP helps you succeed in many ways. First, we assess how well you present yourself to prospective employers. This includes developing a first-class resume that demonstrates your strong qualifications and motivation for working for a U.S. business.

We also help you develop a better understanding of your values and the assets you bring to the workplace. This includes coaching you on how to “sell” yourself to prospective employers. When necessary, we perform mock interviews to highlight the questions you will be asked during a job interview. We also evaluate your career path to help you search and identify the types of companies where you would like to work. Where possible, warm introductions will be made to facilitate interviews and references for your qualifications.



Resume Preparation

Here are the most important rules to understand when composing your resume and how you can “stand out” from other candidates.

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Mock Interviews

Be prepared for your actual interview by learning how to weave your experience and skills into the conversation with a recruiter.

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Our Success is Based on Your Success



"American Educated Asian Women ( AEAW)/ AEIP is a remarkable organization that provides invaluable support, insights and career guidance to talented young Asian women seeking career opportunities and advancement in the US. I have had the pleasure of working with Jerry Schneider for the last 2 years as he envisioned the creation of AEAW/AEIP and made it a reality. Jerry is an extraordinary individual and professional with business savvy, an incredibly successful career, deep generosity and a clear commitment to giving back to the community.

I had the privilege of being a speaker at AEAW/ AEIP's monthly meeting where we talked about the importance of building a network and finding mentors. Jerry, together with Priscilla Wood, his co-facilitator have created a unique environment for supporting, mentoring and inspiring these talented young women to help them reach the next level of professional and personal success."

– Guest Speaker Karen Henken, Founder of Henken & Associates

Constant inspiration & motivation

"Jerry Schneider was my mentor while I pursued my MBA studies at Rady UCSD, graduating in 2014. He is also my trusted mentor and friend forever.  I have known Jerry since 2012, when we first met at a UCSD Mentorship event. During the past three years, under his immense skills as a mentor, I have completed my MBA, passed the CPA exam (with great scores) and found an internship while in school and a job after graduation. I owe all my success to Jerry, as an always helpful and supportive mentor and friend, who constantly inspired me, motivated me to use my talents to the best of my ability.”

– Qing Wang, Consulting Staff Accountant

“When I was at the beginning of my second year of my MBA, I had no idea what I wanted to do after graduation. It was somewhat by accident that I met Jerry Schneider at a University event; he is the best mentor ever, who literally changed the path of my life. It's not easy for an international student to find a job in the United States. People kept telling me that you are not going to nail it; however, it's just not true with the help of my mentor and his peer group advice. Jerry helped me to develop a strategy to search for internships, expand my connections, and advised me on how to deal with various situations during networking and interviews. Jerry and AEAW/AEIP gave me the skills, the connections, and on top of everything else, the confidence to achieve success in my career. I now have a full-time job following a wonderful internship while I was in school. My employer was introduced to me from Jerry’s network and although I have been working for only two months, the job is a perfect match for my education and business skills providing me with the commercial banking business experience that I always dreamed about.”

– Wendy (Xiao) Gao, Credit Analyst, First Choice Bank







Orchestrating Success

I am lucky and glad to meet Jerry when I was trying to land my first job in the U.S. as an international student. It is not easy, but Jerry helped me achieve my goal in ways ranging from resume polish, elevator pitches, mock interviews, etc. The most important thing is that he enhanced my confidence and led me to think out of the box. I owe my success to Jerry, a helpful and supportive mentor, an experienced finance professional. I am also proud to be the first non-San Diego area student of the AEAW/ AEIP organization.

-Tina (Yuting) Ji

Connecting Dreams

"Jerry Schneider’s mentorship has helped me in ways ranging from resume improvements, elevator pitches, mock interviews, etc. As soon as I expressed an interest in public accounting, Jerry arranged an interview for a tax position with a local accounting firm. No doubt, with his great interview preparation, I successfully got the internship and started the career in my dream field.

Although I had a Master’s degree in Accounting from China, I had no previous work experience in accounting. I'm an Asian woman with issues of language deficiency and culture adaptation, but with Jerry's help, I've been able to demonstrate my ability to perform as well as any of my domestic colleagues.

Simply put, without Jerry's help, I would not be where I am today. I can speak highly about the value that AEAW/AEIP provides, and strongly recommend students become a part of it. Jerry once described himself a connector and he really is. AEAW/AEIP's professional guidance, business connections and network opportunities will greatly benefit you and help lead you towards your career goal."

- Emily (Na) Wei, Tax Accountant, Squar Milner


"AEAW/AEIP 对我而言是打开在美国生活的一扇窗,它帮助我更好的定位自己在美国的工作和生活。尤其是在职业发展道路上给了我很大的启发和动力。我很喜欢AEAW/ AEIP互助互惠的交流空间和开放自由的沟通氛围。"

- Stephanie (YiTong) Duan

Astounding Growth

"如下是我的经历。 我通过一个朋友认识了Jerry, 我的朋友像我介绍了AEAW/ AEIP这个组织。当我第一次见到Jerry的时候,我们聊了很多。他引导我去想一些从未想过的问题,一直以来我都在学校里念书,对于实际的职场并没有很多很成熟的想法。见到他之后,我知道他是真的想帮助我在美国的职场中成长。他鼓励我去寻找合适自己的工作实现自己的梦想。我很感谢AEAW/ AEIP这个组织,在这里我实现了自己个人的成长,以及职业生涯的发展"

- Jingting Shao





valuable views, thoughts, and advice


successful in getting multiple job offers

"I was introduced to AEAW/ AEIP by an alumna in October, 2017. At that time, I had struggled to find a job in San Diego with a 1-year OPT which had just started, and the feeling of frustration and depression plagued me. Jerry’s support and encouragement gave me a lot of hope. He helped me to rebuild my confidence, to restart the job research in a disciplined way by developing a plan to expand my network with my contacts and his friends and acquaintances. It was always difficult for me to freely talk with unfamiliar people and to show my ideas bravely, especially in a job interview; with Jerry's help, I greatly improved my communication skills and passed several rounds of interview for two different companies. I believe that without Jerry’s assistance that I would not have gotten the offer from a local software company in Beijing. AEAW/ AEIP definitely changed my life for the better.

- Xuan Feng, Financial Management Trainee, Software Company

"I am a Business Analyst with an H1B who was looking for a career change/growth. I had been searching for a new job for almost a year and a half and was not successful.  I was very frustrated because of the long and unsuccessful job-searching journey. I met Jerry in February 2018 and we decided to work with each other to improve my skills in interviewing.  Jerry listened to my experience and helped me find the issues with my job-search which I could not identify on my own.  Jerry also worked with me to improve my resume, elevator pitch, job-searching strategy, as well as interview skills.  More importantly, he helped me identify my strengths and improve my confidence so I can make a stronger case for hiring me for the positions I was seeking.  I started to believe that I could succeed after all the frustrating experiences. I also implemented the new, more effective job-searching strategy and I got more interviews. Also because of my confidence and enhanced interview skills, my interview performance improved significantly.  I received two job offers by April 2018 and one of the offers is was a manager role with a major internet company which far exceeded my expectations. 

I would not achieve the success in such a short period of time without Jerry.  He not only helped me with my skills, he also changed my way of thinking. I would highly recommend Jerry and AEIP to international students/professionals. It is never easy to start or grow a career in the US while being an international student. I think it is always important to get professional help/advice from experienced and successful mentors such as Jerry.  I believe with AEIP as well as your hard work, you will achieve your goals."

- M.G. Analytics Manager, Leading Global Travel Company

"Jerry, talking with you is one of the most interesting and meaningful things I have during my week, I enjoy our sessions and I learn from you which improves my confidence and ability to communicate. I like to think about my views and prepare my questions before we talk; it seems like I always come up with new questions after we speak. I like your sharing views, thoughts and advice from which I value from a growth perspective and learn."

- Liena Shaha, Tsinghua University, School of Economics and Management

“I am Nikki, a member of AEIP for 4 months. During that time, Jerry has been my mentor who helped me with my resume, elevator pitch, preparing for job interviews and expanding my network. Jerry’s mentorship has been accommodating, instructive, and he is well-connected with the businesses I am searching for jobs.

I started as a new grad with only 6-months' work experience; Jerry trained me to demonstrate myself as a professional, learning how to ask questions to engage people in conversation, grow my network, and to excel in interviews. I just landed a full-time job offer, something no other student at my University has been successful.

Jerry responds to my messages quickly, seven days a week which keeps me on my toes to work hard at developing interviews and job prospects. His techniques and instructions actually worked as I was successful in getting multiple job offers.

I think Jerry is the ideal person as a mentor -- he has ideas, experience and ways to succeed in getting job offers. I would highly recommend him to any international student seeking jobs before and after getting their master’s degree.”

- Nikki T,



American Educated International Students


AEIP is focused on international students attending graduate programs at U.S. universities. We believe the benefits of our program apply to all international students, because the issues surrounding success in finding internships and jobs are very similar.

The initial AEIP group will focus on international studetns, but ultimately we aim to serve a much larger audience of international professionals, seeking to build their networks, improve their interviewing skills, and find jobs.

We welcome inquiries from anyone who feels our mission is consistent with their career goals.