Jerry Schneider

Jerry Schneider is a seasoned retired executive with more than 45 years of business experience, including serving as Chief Financial Officer of an international membership organization of CEOs. He has also served as a CFO for healthcare and medical device businesses of multinational companies.  He serves on board of both public and private companies as well as several nonprofit boards. 


Jerry has a wealth of experience in areas such as mergers and acquisition, international business, financial reporting, treasury, commercial banking negotiation and capital raising, including working with many start-ups. His financial expertise includes profit and loss reporting, financial strategy, tax planning and structuring, international transactions, purchase/selling businesses, due diligence, start-ups and angel investing. He also serves on the audit committees of both public and nonprofit organizations. He possesses an in-depth understanding of markets in North America, Europe (where he resided for three years) and Asia.  He has extensive experience in interviewing and hiring professionals in finance, information technology, engineers and accounting in both multi-national and medium-sized businesses, as well as interviewing and hiring senior executives being recruited to join a company’s executive team.


In 2012, Jerry began mentoring a Chinese student pursuing her MBA degree in San Diego. He introduced her to two internships and coached her towards successfully passing the U.S. CPA exam. This student subsequently found positions with an international accounting firm and recently a tax position for a large real estate company.  Since then, he has helped numerous Asian women seeking to bridge their education with U.S. business experience. He currently works with several Asian women, all well-educated and pursuing graduate business degrees, who seek internships and jobs in the U.S. He provides guidance on all aspects of making a candidate more interesting by differentiating themselves thereby improving their future career success.


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