5 Best Eco Jobs for Asian Women

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So on the occasion of World Women Day – the 8th March – and keeping in view of the subject of this blog I simply explored these five most suitable eco jobs for Asian women. I feel it better to show half-population of Asia career growth opportunities instead of simply reminding them what they need to do for green care. This I regularly do in other articles on go green and environmental care of this blog.

So these are the five most suitable eco jobs for Asian women.

1. Environmental Awareness Manager

This is one of the most suitable eco jobs for Asian women. They can do this job more effectively because they are very successful communicators. They know more than their male counterparts how to convince people. Secondly they can create environmental awareness in all types of communities. An old man cannot effectively communicate with little kids. But a woman of any age can do this job outstandingly. That is why many awareness organizations prefer to hire womenfolks for this type of eco jobs.

How to become an environmental awareness manager?

To become an environmental awareness manager, women need to do graduation in science preferably in biology and chemistry. Then it is better they do masters in mass communication, journalism or media studies. They should also preferably do a short course on environmental care. Then they are fully qualified to do a job of environmental awareness manager. Even without a short environmental certification course they can do this job. They should have effective communication skills both oral and written. They should be good speaker and event organizer. An educated woman naturally has all these qualities.

Where to find a job of environmental awareness manager?

Government and nongovernmental organizations hire environmental awareness managers at different positions to continue their mission of green awakening in communities. Big corporations also require this type of job to support their corporate social responsibility.

2. Environmental Researcher

This needs your patience as a woman. Who can better follow patience then a woman? It is globally accepted truth. Sitting is more required for environmental research jobs. So who can sit with consistency more than woman folk?

How to become an environmental researcher?

To become an environmental researcher you need to have a master degree in environmental sciences. Secondly you should have passion to get green info more and more. If you have clear concepts of science subjects you can become a green researcher even without any regular degree in the field of environment.

Where to find a job of environmental researcher?

Environmental development companies, environmental consultants and green companies regularly offer these types of jobs for their various projects.

3. Environmental Educationist

Environmental educationists work in environmental departments of universities. Almost all Asian countries have this department in almost all of their top class universities. So such openings off and on are published to get the best candidates.

How to become an environmental educationist?

To become an environmental educationist you need to do masters and preferably doctorate in any field of environment. It may be in ecology, environmental sciences, environmental education, green marketing, environmental management, environmental impact assessment or another related field. After a few years in this field you are invited by big organizations and forums to give lectures on various environmental issues. You become a green celebrity in your country. Your opinion is used as a reference in environmental debates.

Where to find a job of environmental educationist?

Apart from joining an environmental department of a university you can also work for the cause of promoting environmental education in national curricula. If you have writing power you can join a textbook board of your country to highlight environmental aspect in various lessons of secondary and higher secondary subjects.

4. Environmental Journalist

This is relatively newly emerged field. Women can easily join this field if they have journalistic background.

How to become an environmental journalist?

To become an environmental journalist no any specific green degree is required. If you have, this will be an added advantage for you.

Where to find a job of green journalist?

You can join a newspaper or electronic media to report environmental news of your area. Perks and benefits are not so much high in this field. But you can earn quite big if you join any global media organization. You can join an organization in any part of the world enjoying the benefit of off-location work place.

5. Environmental Consultants

This may be little challenging job for women folk but once you develop a client base, sky is the limit for you.

How to become an environmental consultant?

For this profession you need to acquire a higher degree of purely technical in nature. This type of job is usually required by factories. That is why a masters or doctorate degree in environmental engineering is the most fit for this purpose. Industries usually want consultancy services to build their treatment plan.

Where to find a job of eco consultant?

Main benefit of this type of green job is you can join a consulting firm and then start your own consultancy business easily. That is why it is also one of the best eco jobs for Asian women.