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Jerry Schneider is the founder of He is the Executive Coach who is going to help you focus your resume, communicate your strengths and help you start getting better results.

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More about Jerry and Why He Started AEAW

“I taught a networking and peer advisory course at UCSD’s Rady MBA several years ago, called Vistage on Campus. Three of my students were Chinese women in school for their MBAs. I paid special attention to their needs, difficulty in speaking in a group setting, communication issues and their challenges with cultural adaptation to the environment. I gave them my full attention and connected them with Asian coaches and business resources, helped two students find internships/jobs and a third get a promotion. This short success made me ponder the challenges they experience and my abilities to help them prepare for and achieve career success. I realized that I could have a positive impact on these young formidable professionals who had “grit”, intellect and the desire to learn. Actually, it has been a learning experience for me as well; learning about myself, my favorable impact on others, the power of accountability, mentoring, positive thinking, and preparation by creating plans with metrics along the way. The gratification of working with young high potential professionals is immense for me. From a global perspective, keeping these highly U.S. educated graduates who want to stay here in the U.S. is beneficial to our community and society; some start businesses and actually create jobs. They become better qualified to perform jobs wherever they live.”
— Jerry Schneider