AEIP Will Help You Succeed


AEIP helps you succeed in many ways. First, we assess how well you present yourself to prospective employers. This includes developing a first-class resume that demonstrates your strong qualifications and motivation for working for a U.S. business.

We also help you develop a better understanding of your values and the assets you bring to the workplace. This includes coaching you on how to “sell” yourself to prospective employers. When necessary, we perform mock interviews to highlight the questions you will be asked during a job interview. We also evaluate your career path to help you search and identify the types of companies where you would like to work. Where possible, warm introductions will be made to facilitate interviews and references for your qualifications.



Resume Preparation

Here are the most important rules to understand when composing your resume and how you can “stand out” from other candidates.

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Mock Interviews

Be prepared for your actual interview by learning how to weave your experience and skills into the conversation with a recruiter.

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